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Roof Asset Management

Roof Asset Management maximizes the roof's life and minimizes it life cycle cost (full cost of the roof over its life).

There are several steps to developing an effective Roof Asset Management Program. Michelsen Technologies can handle the entire program or work with the owner to develop and run the program in house, or anywhere in between.

Michelsen Technologies Capabilities

Michelsen Technologies has extensive experience with many types of roofing systems and correct way they should have been installed, which puts us in an excellent postion to perform accurate visual inspections which are the basis of all effective roof asset management programs. In addition we understand the record keeping and are familar with all the common software available to assist with the data collection and maintenance. With our roofing education background we can either do the work for you or train you and your staff to do the work in-house. Michelsen Techologies can offer the most complete range of roof asset management options in the industry.