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While roofing may not be rocket science, it is more complex than most people think it is. Only when people get involved with roofing do they start to understand the complexity and look for someone to get the knowledge from. Michelsen Technologies is one of the few place to go for this training.

Michelsen Technologies Capabilities

Michelsen Technologies principle, Ted Michelsen has had extensive roofing training experience. Starting in 1978 he began speaking at BURSI (Better Understanding of Roofing Systems Institute), ultimately having overall responsibility for the program. From 1984 to 1996 he was a guest speaker at RIEI (Roofing Industry Educational Institute). In 1997 he became the Executive Director of RIEI, responsible for teaching and developing classes as well as running the day to day business. Both RIEI and BURSI prided themselves on providing un-biased information. We can offer our clients complete roofing educational experiences in just about all areas of roofing.