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Roof consulting consists of many skills and activities. The major one is advising on roof system selection and specification development. However, other activities such as Forensics and Roof Asset Management are discussed in more detail on other web pages.

Michelsen Technologies Capabilities

Michelsen Technologies principle, Ted Michelsen has extensive experience in roof systems selection from his past work as Vice President for Technical Services and Research for Johns Manville Roof Systems Division, where he was responsible for all specification development and technical approval of product literature. He also was the Executive Director for the Roofing Industry Educational Institute where roof systems selection was taught.Ted's philosophy on roof system selection is that all roof systems have strengths and weaknesses, which make some roof systems better choices for a given job. When several roof systems are equal from a performance standpoint then the lowest cost solution should be used. There is no such thing in roofing that one system works best for all roofs.